By now, you have probably heard of the Heartbleed bug that puts users’ passwords on dozens of popular websites at risk because of a security vulnerability in OpenSSL software.

The depth and breadth of this bug is quite massive, so we wanted to give our clients some advice on what to do and any services of ours that may have been affected.

First and foremost, whether you are a client or not, it’s strongly advised you change your passwords on the sites that have been affected. You can find a clear and extensive list in this table at Mashable.com.

Next, for clients who host with Jackson Sky (on our servers at Media Temple), rest assured that the services we use at Media Temple (GRID and dv 4.0 Server) were not vulnerable or affected.

Lastly, it seems that the security of WordPress is largely based on your hosting provider, so you will need to check with them about whether they were affected. (Again, our servers with Media Temple were not.) If they were, you will want to change your admin passwords immediately. You will also want to update your WordPress to the most recent version, which has the strongest level of security.

We don’t think this is the last we will hear of Heartbleed, so please stay tuned for any additional updates and information.

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Crossroads Insurance launched their business in early 2014. The owner, Paul Dumas, approached us because he needed the full gamut of items that a new business requires – Logo and Brand Guideline, Business Cards and Letterhead, and of course a new website. The resulting brand is one that is clean and professional. The website is responsive and integrated with WordPress for easy updates.

Check out the new site at CoveredByCrossroads.com »

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seen cards

It’s not uncommon for us to design business cards for our clients, but we love when we get to do something a little different than the usual. These cards for SEEN include a custom die-cut for the line that appears under their logo. The rest of the card is kept simple and uncluttered. (And kudos to Woodfield Printing, a local company, for another job well done on the finished product.)

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When Stephen Reba approached us in need of a logo and website for his private practice, he hoped to create a brand that is clean and professional – with a mark that abstractly conveyed the type of law he specialized in. As a criminal defense attorney, Steve not only works to keep his clients out of prison, but also works on many post-conviction cases as well. Because of this, the logo is an abstract depiction of an opening door, representing the freedom he strives to achieve for his clients.

Once the logo was complete, the site came together quickly with a clean, informational layout. A custom WordPress theme was built to allow Steve to update content at will. Additionally, the site is responsive, so that it works effortlessly on different monitor sizes, tablets and phones.

See for yourself at RebaLaw.com »

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Kelton House

The Kelton House and Gardens is a beautiful old Victorian House and grounds in Columbus, Ohio. Many events are held at the Kelton House, but their overall site (which includes information about Civil War Sesquicentennial Programs, educational programs about the Underground Railroad and more) was not appealing to brides like they wanted it to. For this reason, they approached us to create a separate site, KeltonHouseEvents.com, which would be targeted to audiences (specifically brides-to-be) looking for a classical, elegant setting for their event. The site was developed with a custom WordPress theme, allowing the client to update content as they wish. It is also responsive, so that interested parties can easily browse the site from their desktop computer, tablet or phone.

Visit the site at KeltonHouseEvents.com »

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Great Fermentations

Considering the motto of Great Fermentations is “Craft Something Great,” it just seemed wrong that they were using a third-party generic template for their site. So they decided it was time to practice what they preach and contacted us to build them a custom-designed site that would cater completely to their needs. The site is integrated with WordPress and is chock full of plugins that have been finessed to work specifically for their site. Additionally, we provided all of the HTML and CSS framework to the E-Commerce company (that had already started on the store portion of the site before we were hired), so that the entire experience was seamless and visually cohesive. (The old site had three disjointed designs — one for the main site, one for the blog and one for the store.)

In addition to fulfilling its purpose as an informational, sales and educational site, it also has elements of fun that is a reflection of the brand as a whole. (Can you find the hidden feature? Here’s a hint: it’s in the footer.)

Browse the full site at GreatFermentations.com »

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This isn’t the first infographic we’ve designed for VenueSeen (now SEEN). We’ve also designed one about baseball and the Olympics. This infographic is based on the “influencers” on Instagram and how these people shape certain brands. The infographic was launched in conjunction with Snapfluence, a new branch of SEEN. See the full infographic below.

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Faces of Arthritis

Most all of the work we do here at Jackson Sky is branding, web design and development. But every once in a while, we get to flex our print design muscles and create something that we get to hold in our hands when the project is complete. (Nothing can quite describe that fresh ink smell.)

Case in point, the recent booklet we designed and had printed for the Indiana chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. The booklet, Faces of Arthritis, is a compilation of stories from all types of Hoosiers who have been diagnosed with Arthritis. The photographs (taken by the talented Jennifer Driscoll) are stunning and certainly enhanced the overall design. The finished product is not only available for purchase, but will also be distributed to orthopedic offices for patients to browse in the waiting room. We hope they find it to be encouraging and inspirational.

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Jennifer Driscoll is a longtime client. Some of the work we have done for her includes revamping her logo, moving her blog to the WordPress platform, designing and developing custom Campaign Monitor templates and more. So when she decided that it was time to part ways with the Flash site she had for her wedding photography, we were happy to work with her again. Jennifer’s photography is stunning, but since her site was built 100% in Flash, she had no way to update it (and add new work), and even more concerning, it couldn’t be viewed whatsoever on an iPhone or iPad. To solve both of these issues, the new site was integrated with WordPress, and a custom responsive theme was designed and developed, making it so any device (iPads and iPhones included) could easily browse her site. Additionally, by using custom menus and a responsive gallery plugin, she can very easily add new “Featured” galleries, showing off her most recent work.

Heard enough? Check out her beautiful work for yourself at photosbyjennifer.com/wedding.

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The Metro Indianapolis Coalition for Construction Safety, Inc. (MICCS) is a nonprofit dedicated to the elimination of construction and facilities maintenance jobsite injuries and illnesses. They came to Jackson Sky because the foundation portion of their organization (which financially assists families who have been affected by a workplace injury) needed a website strictly for their purposes. It was important to them to have a site that was easy for them to update, utilized online forms and was responsive. To meet these needs, the site was integrated using WordPress, and Gravity Forms were installed so that not only are online forms emailed to a recipient, but the data is also all stored in the WordPress control panel. The site was also designed and developed to be responsive, so that it was easy to view on any type of device — desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Check out the new site at MICCSFoundation.org »

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