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Below is an assortment of websites and logos that have been designed and developed for a variety of clients, from startups to established organizations. The goal of Jackson Sky is to provide the best solution for each client based on its target audience, services offered, company goals and overall budget.


Gather A'Round BBQ

Gather A’Round BBQ

The Gather A’Round BBQ site is a reflection of this small company’s brand and personality. The professional photography not only features their products, but highlights their overall culture as well. Integrated with WordPress for easy updates, the site is also responsive, so it’s optimized for screens of any size. (See the Before & After.)

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Sacred Purpose

Sacred Purpose (Theta Chi)

The Sacred Purpose website is a Theta Chi initiative “to inspire a better brotherhood and deeper level of mutual caring for one another.” The brand and vision was created by RHB, and working with them, we designed and developed the website. In addition to having WordPress integrated, the site is also responsive and optimized for screens with retina display.

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Heartland Growers

Heartland Growers

You won’t find any stock photos on this site! The professional photography taken at this greenhouse in Westfield, Indiana played a huge role in the redesign of this site. The new site also is responsive, and the entire site is integrated with WordPress, so the client has the ability to update all the content on the website.

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Story House Media

Story House Media

When Northernlight Filmworks (a cinematography company primarily covering weddings) decided that they needed a separate company to feature their commercial work, they wanted it to reflect their unique style and convey a vintage look and feel. Integrated with WordPress, the client can update their content and gallery with ease as their portfolio of work grows.

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MICCS Foundation

The MICCS Foundation needed a site that was easy for them to update, utilized online forms and was responsive. To meet these needs, the site was integrated using WordPress, and Gravity Forms were installed so that not only are online forms emailed to a recipient, but the data is also all stored in the WordPress control panel. The site was also designed and developed to be responsive, so that it was easy to view on any type of device — desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

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Jennifer Driscoll Photography

Jennifer Driscoll’s wedding site featured her stunning photography…the only problem was that it was built completely in Flash, thus making it impossible for her to update it, and people using iPads or iPhones were unable to view it. We designed a new site for her that was integrated with WordPress, allowing her to easily update content and photo galleries. The site is also responsive, making it easy to view on any sort of device!

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Great Fermentations

Considering the motto of Great Fermentations is “Craft Something Great,” it just seemed wrong that they were using a third-party generic template for their site. So they decided it was time to practice what they preach and contacted us to build them a custom-designed WordPress theme chock full of plugins that have been finessed to work specifically for their site.

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GettyDrew Homes

GettyDrew Homes

GettyDrew Homes needed a site that featured their available homes, as well as showing a bit of their fun yet professional personalities. WordPress was integrated within the site, so that in addition to being able to update their listings, they can also post company news and change the content on any of the site pages.

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Media Violence Resource Center

The Media Violence Resource Center is an online resource to help parents, teachers, pediatricians and other professionals understand the impacts of violence in media. Although their mission is serious, they needed a site that was inviting and easy to navigate. The site is integrated with WordPress, allowing for easy content updates and the ability to utilize a blog to engage site visitors.

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Northernlight Filmworks

The talented and creative husband and wife team behind Northernlight Filmworks knew it was time to rebrand their business. In addition to the creation of a new logo, the website underwent a complete overhaul, so that their personality and product could shine. John and Jennifer also decided that since their blog received more traffic than their website, a blog-website combo would be the most efficient way for their current and prospective clients to find all the information they needed.

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Gamma Sigma Alpha

Realizing that college students spend more time online than ever in years before, the executive director of Gamma Sigma Alpha approached me to design a new site that combined both traditional and youthful design elements. The site is integrated with WordPress, so the board has the ability to manage the content on the main site, and the addition of a blog is sure to be a useful tool to connect with chapters across the country.

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The Coffeehouse Investor

The Coffeehouse Investor site is based on a book by Bill Schultheis and his recommended steps and strategies for successful investing. The site is integrated with WordPress and has a mobile-friendly version that allows for people to easily read the blog (and other content) from their smartphone or iPad. (Read more about the site’s evolution here.)

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Paws & Think

Paws & Think is a local organization with a wonderful mission. When they rebranded in 2013, their site needed to be updated to reflect their new brand. By providing a custom WordPress template and the instructions necessary to update the site, their new and reorganized website was designed with their new brand in mind, and the content can be easily managed by volunteers.

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Hoosier Momma

The new Hoosier Momma website was designed based on the company’s existing brand, including their well-known logo and labels. The site is completely integrated with WordPress, so that in addition to having editing capabilities for the blog, the Hoosier Momma team can also update their product and vendor list through the WordPress control panel.

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