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We are always encouraging clients to re-evaluate their site every few years, and it was about time for us to take our own advice. (We made it responsive in 2012, but it’s had the same overall look since 2010.) A lot has changed in five years. Aside from the obvious shift towards responsive sites due to mobile and tablet usage, there have also been advancements in how fonts are rendered online, the ability to incorporate movement without using Flash, and Retina displays which have changed the way we size and optimize images for the web.

The new site not only adapts to all the ways technology has changed, but also includes some new features and content. You’ll notice our team has grown to include some ongoing contract employees who have allowed us to broaden the services we offer our clients. We also completely reworked our portfolio, where we feature more details about some of our recent projects.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the new

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