In 2017, the Indiana Worker’s Compensation Institute (IWCI) unexpectedly found themselves in urgent need of help as their one-man web team was no longer available. (He was responsible for the hosting of the website and had built the site on a custom CMS that he had created specifically for IWCI.) It was very quickly determined that the greatest challenge of recreating this site on the WordPress platform would be the complex intertwining of the member directory, event registration, enewsletter and email notifications.

As always, an assessment of the site’s content and organization was performed first. Information was organized into sections to help each audience easily find what they were looking for. New content (such as Member Benefits) was added to the site to help increase membership and explain the different types available. A brand new website design was created that complemented the existing logo and gave equal attention to all of the chapters through imagery on the home page.

Robust WordPress plugins were installed and heavily customized to cross-reference members and sponsors in relation to event registration (to which individuals receive discounts based on their member or sponsor level). MailChimp was set up to replace the previous custom-developed solution (which was impressively built but had no formal instructions or updates available). An instruction manual for the new website was provided to the client, along with the peace of mind that they were now using one of the most popular CMS solutions online.

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