I always say a solid logo should last a decade or longer. However, as a company grows and expands, there is often a time and place for a logo or design that complements or nods to the core logo and brand. Three examples include anniversary, complementary and refreshed logos.


Let’s say your business has been going strong for 10, 50 or even 100 years. That’s something to celebrate! An easy way to do this from a design and marketing standpoint is to have an anniversary logo created. This logo can do one of two things: It can either replace your existing logo temporarily on your website and social media accounts, or it can be used separately than your logo in marketing and promotional materials. Below is an example of each. The first logo was designed by Jackson Sky for CRG Residential to replace their existing logo for their anniversary year. The second logo is an anniversary logo we designed for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. This logo was not intended to replace their existing logo but instead was used on promotional materials throughout the year.

Annivesary Logos


Oftentimes, a business or nonprofit will have a product or campaign that needs to be designed with its own identity but still fit within their overall brand. One example of this is the “Brewers Reserve” logo we created for a new line of Beer Kit Series from Great Fermentations. The wheat and hops from their logo are referenced in this design, which was created primarily to use on stickers and shipping materials. Another example is the “Every Person. Every Dog.” campaign for Paws & Think. They wanted this phrase to be designed to work in conjunction with their existing logo. It’s used on their social media accounts, T-shirts and more. The third example is a mark we created for Heartland Growers. They have a strong, established logo but wanted something compact and versatile that could be used on social media as well as company apparel. The result was a simple, colorful mark that carried over many of the same elements of the logo and would work well in situations where the main (very horizontal) logo did not.

Complementary Logos


Lastly, every once in a while, a logo will need a slight refresh. Perhaps it was designed at a time when current (but short-lived) trends were incorporated too heavily. Or perhaps the future usage of the logo wasn’t fully taken into account when it was being designed. In these cases, the core essence of the logo should not be thrown out, but perhaps it needs to be finessed to meet the current and future needs of the brand. One such example is St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. Their logo incorporated the circular window on the church recognized by people in the congregation and community. However, it was inverted, and based on the other added elements, it created an awkward shape that did not fit across all the applications for which it was needed. They asked Jackson Sky to refine and simplify this design, so it portrayed the window correctly and was more versatile for use across many platforms. The logo could be used horizontally (shown below), stacked or as a standalone mark.

St Pauls Logo

In conclusion, you might find an occasion when your business is in need of an anniversary, complementary or refreshed logo. When that time comes, give us a ring, and we can use our experience and expertise to provide a design that is fresh and cohesive with your existing brand.

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