Are you an organization that supports multiple individual campaigns? What if there was a way for each of those campaigns to tell their own story and work toward reaching their individual fundraising goals while using a content management solution that is centralized to the overall organization? And what if it were possible to integrate that solution with a fundraising platform such as DonorPerfect?

In the past, these individual campaigns may have all used different third-party platforms of their choosing, which can be a nightmare for the overall organization in terms of brand cohesion, control and messaging. However, with the solution we’ve built, the organization can keep all of these campaign microsites organized and integrated seamlessly with their DonorPerfect account.

Interested in learning more? Watch the brief demonstration below, detailing how MultiGive will allow an organization that uses DonorPerfect to create, manage, maintain and distribute microsites to each of its campaigns.

Now that you’ve seen how MultiGive works, we encourage you to consider if this solution would provide value to your organization. If you think it might, we encourage you to fill out an inquiry below.

MultiGive is a product created and powered by Jackson Sky.

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