I was no stranger to Hoosier Momma when I was first contacted by Erin in regards to designing a website for their new all-natural cocktail mixers. Erin has had a long-standing presence at the area farmers markets, and I have always supported her mission and use of all-natural, locally-sourced ingredients.

Working with the Hoosier Momma team, a new site was designed and developed that mimicked their product labels and allowed people to quickly and easily learn more about their products, including where they can buy them in-store and online. The site is also completely integrated with WordPress, so in addition to having editing capabilities for the blog, the Hoosier Momma team can also update their product and vendor list through the WordPress control panel.

Overall, whether you use it for drinks, cooking or give it as a locally-sourced gift, Hoosier Momma’s products are not to be missed! Check out their new site at HoosierMomma.com.

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