Jennifer Driscoll is a longtime client. Some of the work we have done for her includes revamping her logo, moving her blog to the WordPress platform, designing and developing custom Campaign Monitor templates and more. So when she decided that it was time to part ways with the Flash site she had for her wedding photography, we were happy to work with her again. Jennifer’s photography is stunning, but since her site was built 100% in Flash, she had no way to update it (and add new work), and even more concerning, it couldn’t be viewed whatsoever on an iPhone or iPad. To solve both of these issues, the new site was integrated with WordPress, and a custom responsive theme was designed and developed, making it so any device (iPads and iPhones included) could easily browse her site. Additionally, by using custom menus and a responsive gallery plugin, she can very easily add new “Featured” galleries, showing off her most recent work.

Heard enough? Check out her beautiful work for yourself at

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