We spend most of our days working on website design and development, but it is not uncommon for us to also provide logo design and branding consultation. Each of these brands could have their own post about the process and path that led to the final design, but for the sake of time, here is an update on a few we created recently.

Pinwheel School Portraits is a “whimsical and fresh style in school portrait photography” owned by a longtime client, the talented Jennifer Driscoll.

Financial Captain is a website (that we are currently designing and developing) created specifically to help airline pilots navigate financial retirement.

The “snob” in Food Snob stands for Simple Nutritious Organic Baking. It’s a company started by two sisters whose baking mixes focus on simple, wholesome, healthy ingredients.

Walker CPA is exactly what it sounds like. Because even CPAs deserve a good-looking brand.

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