Considering the motto of Great Fermentations is “Craft Something Great,” it just seemed wrong that they were using a third-party generic template for their site. So they decided it was time to practice what they preach and contacted us to build them a custom-designed site that would cater completely to their needs. The site is integrated with WordPress and is chock full of plugins that have been finessed to work specifically for their site. Additionally, we provided all of the HTML and CSS framework to the E-Commerce company (that had already started on the store portion of the site before we were hired), so that the entire experience was seamless and visually cohesive. (The old site had three disjointed designs — one for the main site, one for the blog and one for the store.)

In addition to fulfilling its purpose as an informational, sales and educational site, it also has elements of fun that is a reflection of the brand as a whole. (Can you find the hidden feature? Here’s a hint: it’s in the footer.)

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