Every once in a while, I get a request from a client that is outside of my normal services. Any graphic designer has some schooling in illustration, and I have had clients request it in the past for apparel, identities and invitations. This, however, was my first request to illustrate a plush toy.

Longtime client SwitchGear Genomics approached me to come up with a clever yet fun marketing item to use in upcoming promotions. Overall, they wanted a “mascot” that would serve as a fun and lighthearted giveaway to go along with their very technical products. A component of SwitchGear Genomics involves the firefly luciferase gene, which was a perfect setup for deciding what animal their mascot would resemble.

The next steps included submitting an illustration (shown in the image above) to the company responsible for production of the plush toys (5 inches to be exact) and getting their recommendations before receiving the prototype, which you can see in the image above.

So even though “designing stuffed animals” won’t be making its way to my services list anytime soon, it was a fun project that was a nice diversion from my usual work.

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