Over the past two years, we have been working with Patachou Inc. to build six new websites for the entire Patachou family of restaurants, including Cafe Patachou, Public Greens, Petite Chou, Napolese Pizzeria, The World of Patachou Blog and Patachou Inc.

It’s been very fulfilling working together with the Patachou team to organize and unify all of their sites. The Patachou brand is very well-established, but their sites were not consistent in terms of design, functionality and platform.

That’s where Jackson Sky came in. We moved all their sites to a WordPress platform using the same family of responsive themes. The pièce de résistance was the corporate Patachou Inc. site, which features a custom parallax responsive WordPress theme. We also integrated, updated and styled their online store and existing e-commerce plugin. Additionally, we created a custom online form system for each location that the managers can use to place their supply order directly on the site.

Check out the new site at patachouinc.com.

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