Project Specifics


Fort Wayne City Utilities


  • branding
  • illustrations
  • print design

Fort Wayne City Utilities has been making strides to improve their programs, public outreach and overall perception of the water quality in the city of Fort Wayne.

Jackson Sky worked alongside Empower Results to help create a new visual identity and brand for Fort Wayne City Utilities. Additionally, we created supporting materials for their new identity as well as marketing pieces and custom illustrations for one of their current projects, “Tunnel Works.”

Fort Wayne City Utilities

Before our involvement, Fort Wayne City Utilities did not have a logo of their own. They simply used the Fort Wayne city seal with “City Utilities” placed inconsistently next to (or underneath) it. The goal for the new logo was for it to be clean and modern but still with a high level of professionalism and polish.

The overall logo also needed to serve as a foundation for the three programs under the City Utilities umbrella – Drinking Water, Sewers and Stormwater.

City Utilities Programs

An identity for each program was designed in conjunction with the new brand. The programs needed to have their own identifying attributes but still all belong to a cohesive collection. A color palette was created that assigned colors to the overall logo and brand, program and special project or action item. This color palette is a key part of the visual branding and a guideline for City Utilities staff as they create their own marketing pieces now and in the future.

A final consideration was in regard to special projects and how unique identifiers could be designed for them that would still fit within the new brand.

One such example is the one we created for the “Tunnel Works” project. This project belongs to the the Sewer program, and the design was created in such a way that future projects (under any program) can follow this same layout with the name underneath the program, along with a unique identifying mark in the same style as the rest of the brand.

Tunnel Works

Jackson Sky also provided simple templates for each of the programs that could be used in-house by City Utilities, along with a sample and suggested layout of how these templates could be used.

To wrap up the branding portion of the project, we compiled a full Brand Identity Guide in which Empower Results provided such items as “Core Value Statements” and “Goals for Messaging,” and Jackson Sky gave instructions on the proper usage of the logos, fonts, color palette and other brand elements.

Style Guide and Print Templates

In addition to the branding, another major part of this partnership was creating marketing materials for the “Tunnel Works” campaign.

The “Tunnel Works” project encompasses the construction of a deep rock tunnel in the bedrock below the city of Fort Wayne. The tunnel will “collect and transport sewage from the combined sewer system to the sewage treatment plant” that would have otherwise overflowed into the rivers when it rains.

The City wanted to provide plenty of public outreach and information about this project, and a variety of visuals were needed as part of this process.

First, a custom cross-section of the city was designed, so citizens could see precisely where the tunnel would be located.

Cross Section

Next, a custom illustration of the tunnel boring machine was created.

And finally, a timeline of the project was designed to match the rest of the materials.

All of these elements were designed to be visually cohesive and easy for the public to understand. The different pieces were combined (in conjunction with more text and photos) to create a large display that was taken to public meetings, events and also made available online.