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Perry Township Schools


  • copyediting
  • development
  • responsive
  • web design
  • wordpress
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In Their Words

“We requested an ambitious website project with an aggressive timeline, and Jackson Sky delivered flawlessly with care and concern. From start to finish, we were pleased with our customer service experience and their attention to detail. Our school district gives the Jackson Sky team an A+!”
Keesha Hughes
Marketing & Communications Director
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Perry Schools

After seeing the work we had done for the Perry Township Education Foundation, the township district contacted us to submit a proposal for a complete overhaul of their main district site as well as their 20+ school websites. They needed guidance and a solution on how to address their hundreds of microsites and blogs that had become unruly (and many of them dormant) over the years.

We sat down with them and suggested that we address the biggest hurdle first, which was the topic of the microsites. We went through each one and determined the quality and relevancy of the content and whether it should be included on the township site or was substantial enough to continue to exist as a standalone microsite. Once that was complete, we looked at all the content that would need to be available on the township site and organized and condensed it, so all audiences (parents, staff, students and members of the community) can find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

This in-depth analysis and site map would serve as the guideline for the entire project as a whole.

Perry Schools Before and After

The site also needed a design and functionality overhaul. From an aesthetic standpoint, it needed to have the visual clutter reduced and incorporate a more modern layout. The previous site was also not fully responsive, which was a huge inconvenience for parents browsing from their phone or tablet.

Perry Schools Website

The school sites were modeled after the main site in terms of structure and design; however, they were customized, so each school can still take pride in their school colors and recognizable icons while remaining cohesive with the other schools in the district.

Perry Township School Sites

The websites were built on the WordPress Multisite platform, which allows Perry Township Schools to easily manage and update the websites.